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Sudo Robotik introduces a completely different experience to the world of control with its newly developed Sudoflex control card. We take you to the next step by handling every issue we work with in an innovative way.

All Your Needs in One Card

Get ready for the convenience, savings and superior performance you’ve never experienced before! The whole world is invited to this exciting journey.

Team work & Brainstorming

Sudo Robotics team has a passionate working power that produces unique and international solutions in software and technology with its global team of more than 10 years of experience.

After Sales Services

All the necessary support for every product and service produced with priority on user convenience is provided by our team. We ensure the continuity of our team spirit with you, our valuable solution partners, with the required documents, videos and applications.

Current Approach

Current Approach

Embedded software studies require solutions with many different features. These different solutions require more knowledge, experience, time and more cost.



High costs – Need for knowledge and experience – Loss of time – Need for more employees – Difficult to use



We have gathered all these works together with the innovative approaches on a single card, together with the ease of use…


Sudo Robotik

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Our Vision

With our innovative, rational, courageous, responsible and egalitarian approach, we will become a global manufacturer of flexible controller systems that make robotics and mechatronics accessible to everyone around the world.


Our Mission

We believe that technology should bring equality and convenience. We solve the complexity and difficulties in the digital control systems industry with SUDOFLEX and include everyone who dreams on the planet into this magical world.


Our Philosophy

We, as individuals, as a company, believe in the democratization of technology by involving all people in robotics, regardless of gender, region or background. We want to give everyone the chance to make their dreams come true with a codeless programming GUI that fits perfectly with our SudoFlex project. At its core, technology is based on different backgrounds, locations…

Next Generation of Technology

Witness the next step of Technology with SudoFleks.

Experience an incredible in your life and your Projects. Take a step beyond your dreams with SudoFleks!


Customer Comments

Sudo Robotics

Anıt Otomasyon intends to use SudoFlex in place of PLC solution for some of its projects. According to your demonstration, we concluded that SudoFlex will be a costeffective alternative to some of our PLC projects due to its rich block-set in addition to IEC-61131-3 compliant standardized blocks in programming environment, its performance, reliability and additional functionality


After our personnel investigated the SudoFlex sample you’ve sent us, we happily inform you that Karakamlar Aerospace Inc. intends to use SudoFlex intensively in our products involving measurement and control systems. Our embedded software developers praised its intuitive programming interface, built-in ready-to-use blocks and estimated significant reduction in development time.


Sudoflex control board will be an efficient and cost effective solution for our control and monitoring application needs. We are mostly interested in IOT application possibilities of the board.With competitive IOT features and seamless cloud integration, Sudoflex can be a very powerful solution alternative for our SCADA and PLC applications


We’ve reviewed and tested the Sudoflex product samples. We think that it is a product that will provide us convenience and speed in our data collection and automation projects.We were particularly attracted by its easy programming feature with blog diagrams. We would definitely like to use it in our future projects.


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