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  • Emerging trends such as automation, machine learning and IoT are enabling people to adopt smart cities.
  • This technology has become a rapidly growing sector in the world.
  • The four most important steps followed by successful smart cities are:
  • Information collection – Smart sensors in the city collect real-time data.
  • Analysis – Data collected by smart sensors is evaluated to obtain meaningful insights.
  • Communication – The information collected during the analysis phase is transmitted to the authorities through strong communication networks.
  • Activity – Cities; They use information from data to create solutions, optimize operations and asset management, and improve residents’ quality of life.
  • In this rapidly growing sector, the SUDOFLEX control card is ready to use to meet many needs of these control systems and smart cities.


The increasing risk of environmental and climate change will cause trends that will determine the development of the energy sector. In this respect, the importance of energy efficiency and green energy is gradually increasing.

Digital transformation and automation have become an inevitable necessity for the energy sector, as in every sector.

In addition to data collection and analysis, the first issue that is most necessary in this sector is the collection and analysis of information on decarbonization, which is another trend that will increase its importance in the future. This process requires a wide variety of data input not only from IoT sensors and other direct measurement devices, but also from external sources. In addition, protocols are needed to gather and organize this information.

SUDOFLEX will be ready to play a role in many areas of use in the energy sector as well.


We are experiencing digital transformation in education. The learning process is now transforming into a personalized and data-based experience independent of space and time.

On the other hand, artificial intelligence and automation are taking existing jobs out of people’s hands every day and creating new opportunities in areas we are not yet aware of. In summary, it is certain that today’s children will have interdisciplinary careers and multiple occupations in the future.

For this reason, very serious studies are carried out in the education sector and education is renewed and transformed every day to prepare the people of the new age with new generation solutions.

Control systems, which are at the most important point of this transformation, need to increase user convenience. In this way, while learning processes are shortened, creativity is supported.

SUDOFLEX offers a solution that will surpass all competitors with its innovative user-friendliness in the new transformation of the education sector.


Whether we are ready or not, change is at hand for the transportation industry. The signals of this change stand out in the public sector’s investments in smart streets and digital railways, automotive manufacturers’ focus on producing new generation vehicles and smart transportation services, and the inevitable reality that the information age will sooner or later change the status quo in the transportation sector.

The spread of these systems is also increasing day by day. In these developments, control systems are one of the indispensable elements.

SUDOFLEX is ready to take a place in this sector as well, and will be a solution partner with its user-friendliness.


Imagine an industrial enterprise, everything in its factory is managed with a full automation system and can communicate with each other uninterruptedly via IOT (Internet of Things); machines work interactively with each other and with humans, all data can be accessed in real time. The revolution begins at this point.

At this point, the concept of Internet of Things (IoT) comes into play, where everything can be controlled and managed from anywhere with the use of the internet, so that very complex products can be quickly commissioned from conceptual design to production, the product and production can be realized virtually with simulations, the performance of the product and production resources can be rapidly increased. There are smart factories where it can be analyzed.

However, consider that you can develop a much more affordable solution instead of the systems (PLC, SCADA..etc) used in the current situation, but which are much more costly.

We are ready for the revolution in industrial automation systems with SUDOFLEX.


One of the areas where SUDOFLEX is most assertive is the maker world. The Maker movement continues to spread rapidly all over the world. Individuals, institutions, trainers, brands and disciplines like these, who are aware of the power of production, organize events that attract the attention of the maker community, products are produced, and they want to take part in the unstoppable rise of this movement.

SUDOFLEX is ready to be the locomotive of this movement with its user-friendly, affordable and time-saving solution to include everyone who has a dream by offering more facilitating solutions1.


The agricultural sector, where 17-18 percent of the population is employed, is critical for all countries in terms of transforming fertile lands into important income points. Agriculture, which ensures the survival of the world’s population, maintains its importance as an indispensable sector in all countries due to its impact on exports, providing raw materials and capital to other sectors, and contributing to biological diversity and ecological balance.

Technology is causing constructive changes in the agricultural sector as well as in all sectors. The answer to the question of how agriculture will be in the future is shaped by technology and digital transformation. Sudoflex, which will be the locomotive product of the digital transformation in agriculture, is ready to be the indispensable control card of all connected systems in this transformation.

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