Imagine an industrial enterprise, everything in its factory is managed with a full automation system and can communicate with each other uninterruptedly via IOT (Internet of Things); machines work interactively with each other and with humans, all data can be accessed in real time. The revolution begins at this point. At this point, the concept of Internet of Things (IoT)…

Maker Movement

One of the areas where SUDOFLEX is most assertive is the maker world. The Maker movement continues to spread rapidly all over the world. Individuals, institutions, trainers, brands and disciplines like these, who are aware of the power of production, organize events that attract the attention of the maker community, products are produced, and they want to take part in…

SudoFlex in Education

We are experiencing digital transformation in education. The learning process is now transforming into a personalized and data-based experience independent of space and time. On the other hand, artificial intelligence and automation are taking existing jobs out of people’s hands every day and creating new opportunities in areas we are not yet aware of. In summary, it is certain that…

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